Case Study | Pharmaceutical Tablets

Application: Tablet passing through pinch valves
Description: AKO valves controls the flow of pharmaceutical tablets from gravity fed IBC container, ability close off the tube.  
Valves Used: Type VMC [3”] Alum Housing with Stainless Steel Sockets Ends (NPT).

Pinch valve has an advantage over butterfly valve, sine the butterfly valve can damage the tablets if closed during the feed process.

The 3” valve(VMC80.02X.50TA-30LX) includes a food quality FDA approved natural rubber sleeve to close the valves without damaging the tablets.

The company has not yet replaced the sleeves after 3-4 years of service and they expect to perform many more cycles in the future. To increase the life of the sleeve it is advised to regulate the pressure down.

Also, solenoid valves can be used with the AKO Valves.