Air Actuated Pinch Valves

Air Actuated Pinch Valves offer complete flow regulation and the highest possible ease-of-use using compressed air to open and close an elastic sleeve. AKO makes 4 lines of air actuated pinch valves: the VMP, VMC, VF, and VT series.

The compressed air inside each air actuated pinch valve forces the elastic sleeve shut, either completely or partially. Flow regulation can be adjusted to exact percentages allowing for specific dosing in process systems. Air actuated pinch valves are low maintenance, extremely reliable, and an ideal flow control solution for all types of applications; such as abrasive materials, slurries, liquids, powders, and granules.


Plastic Pinch Valves from 3/8” – 2” diameters [10mm – 50mm]. VMP Series Pinch Valves are a reliable and economic valve for a range of industrial applications.


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pinch Valves with near endless connection options. From 3/8” – 4” diameters [10 mm – 100 mm].


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pinch Valves with ANSI or DIN Flanged Connections.


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pinch Valves designed for semi-trailer silo unloading and Bulk Silo Overfill Protection.

How Air Actuated Pinch Valves Work

The design of this valve is simple: it’s a hermetically sealed cylindrical or elliptical shaped “body” with a rubber sleeve inside of it. With an air actuator, compressed air flows inside the inner tube, which in turn forces the sleeve to expand and constrict passage through the valve. The rubber sleeve is highly elastic and robust; completely stopping flow when engaged—or using a proportional pressure regulator, can regulate flow to down to 70%, 50%, 30%, 20% etc of flow. When resumption of free flow is desired, the air actuator releases the compressed air, creating normal atmospheric pressure inside the body and allowing the sleeve to retract for free flow.

Air Actuated Pinch Valves Provide Excellent Value Because They Are:

    • Small in size, fitting into most process systems.
    • Robust, lasting a long time and requiring infrequent sleeve replacement.
    • Efficient energy consumption, using only minimal compressed air.
    • Complete, full-stoppage of product flow. Or partial flow regulation, using a proportional pressure regulator, if desired.
    • Virtually zero frictional resistance when open.

Lowest Total Cost of Owning an AKO Air Actuated Pinch Valve

Referring to any maintenance of an air actuated pinch valve as frequent would be a misnomer. Over the lifetime of ownership, occasional replacement of the pinch valve sleeve must be done. This occurs when the elasticity or integrity of the rubber is compromised, either by age, heat, or abrasion. Replacing the sleeves is rapid (with all parts at hand–not more than a handful of minutes) and requires no special skill or proprietary tools. Sleeves are affordable; and combined with such minimal maintenance time, total cost of ownership (TCO) is low.

The Special Design of AKO’s Sleeves

Not all pinch valve sleeves are created equally with regards to durability and composition. While other manufacturers may build quality pinch valves, the chemical composition of the rubber is proprietary and refined only for AKO. The trade secret composition of AKO’s rubber, reinforced with an elastic fabric-like mesh yields an ultra-long lasting and abrasive resistant sleeve. The long service-life contributes to a lower total cost of ownership than competing valves. AKO also offers 10 different grades of elasticity in their sleeves. The different grades offer the best life-cycle value depending on the frequency of opening and closing, temperature, abrasion, and installation particulars. Your Basecamp Sales Engineer will be knowledgeable on choosing the right sleeve.

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