Pinch Valve Sleeve Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a pinch valve sleeve

The life expectancy of a pinch valve sleeve can be difficult to forecast due to the wide range of applications.  AKO Pinch Valves comprise of a fabric-reinforced elastomer sleeve.  These sleeves are rigorously tested up to and beyond a million cycles.  However, these results depend heavily on the specific use case.

Case Example

Let’s look at an example of a cement slurry application:

  • Cement slurry is pushed through a pinch valve at 1 bar.
  • The pinch valve cycles every 2 minutes.
  • If we assume 3 shifts, that is 720 cycles per day.
  • The pinch valve sleeve will see 262,000 cycles in 1 year.

Frequency of Inspection

For this abrasive application we would recommend starting with a 6-month maintenance inspection.  Many factors need to be looked at to predict how long a pinch valve sleeve may last. It is best to assess the pinch valve sleeve over time to determine and adjust maintenance schedule. The pinch valve sleeves in this real-world example see a 2-year lifespan.

For Less Abrasive Applications

For less abrasive applications such as water treatment and pharmaceutical, we have sleeves in the field going on 5 years.  Important factors include closing pressure, time spent open vs. closed, and product characteristics. 

AKO Pinch Valve sleeve with fabric reinforcement.