The Silo Stopper

Silo Overfill Protection System for pinch valves, pressure switches, control panels & automation to prevent blower trucks from overfilling silos.

The Silo Stopper prevents blower trucks and other filling sources from overfilling silo systems. Commonly used in the cement and bulk powder industries where pressure pneumatic trucks and blowers are used to re-fill silos. On occasion, these transport companies overfill silos, leading to a number of headaches. The Silo Stopper is a system that monitors the condition of the silo while filling. It uses sensors to measure internal silo pressure and product fill height. When pressure or fill height levels are high, alarms sound to inform the operator to cease filling. If levels or pressures reach critical levels, the system automatically activates a safety cutoff valve on the fill line (usually a pinch valve or butterfly valve), protecting the silos.

Prevent Blower Truck Product Overfill into your Silo

    • Avoid damage to Silos
    • Avoid damage to Dust Collector Bags
    • Reduce risk to people and the environment
    • Audio and Visual Strobe Overfill Alarms, followed by forced line closure in 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds
    • NEMA 4 Enclosure for Outdoor Installation

Using Quality AKO Pinch Valves

  • 3” and 4” Pneumatic Line Valves
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Valve Bodies
  • For use with Food, Grains, Abrasive Minerals, Chemicals and more

Control Panel

  • Compressed Air Control
  • Pre-programmed
  • User-adjustable
  • 6 Inputs
  • Outdoor Rated

Pressure Switch

  • Adjustable 4 – 20” w.c.
  • NEMA 3 Enclosure
  • SPDT
  • Max. pressure 40” w.c.

Level Indicator

  • Adjustable 6” to 84”
  • 1 ¼” NPT Mounting (Flange available)
  • 24/115/240 VAC or 12/24 VDC

Pinch Valves

  • AKO Pinch Valves
  • DIN or ANSI Flange

Visual Strobe

  • UL Type 4X, IP 66
  • UL746C F1 UV
  • Red Light
  • Stackable

Audible Alarm

  • 100 dBA @ 10’
  • 110 dBA @ 1m
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm