Case Study | Sludge and Water

Application: Sludge and Water
Description: AKO valve holds back for quarried limestone
Valves Used: Type OV (OV200.03.30.PA2)

Pinch valve has an advantage over butterfly valve, since the butterfly valve can damage the tablets if closed during the feed process.

The OV Valve is a fail-safe normally closed AKO Pinch Valve. The sludge can be abrasive media, so the high-quality elastomer sleeve is a great fit for efficient flow control. Unlike slide-gate valves and butterfly valves, the AKO rubber sleeve does not obstruct any sludge.

The OV Series Pinch Valves are also available with a manual handwheel and pneumatically operated double acting. The OV Series bore sizes range from 10mm (3/8”) to 250mm (10”). The construction of the body and actuator is aluminum and sleeves are available in natural rubber anti-abrasive, EPDM and neoprene; food grade available upon request. The sleeves can be easily replaced.