Case Study | Sweets Application

Application: Control Mass Flow of edible sweets
Description: The sweets are sucked up through the pinch valve and through pipework into another room where they are then mixed with other colors in a hopper before being bagged up.
Valves Used: Type VMC [3”] Alum Housing with Stainless Steel Sockets Ends (NPT), Food Grade Natural Rubber Sleeve, AKO VAC Unit, Normally Open Solenoid Valve

Pinch valve has an advantage over ball valve, since the ball valve was shredded around the seals and can last only a month.

The 3” valve(VMC80.02X.50N.30LX) includes a food quality FDA approved natural rubber sleeve to close the valves without damaging the sweets.

The AKO VAC system was added to avoid the sleeve being deformed from the vacuum pressure.