AKO Releases Specialized Pinch Valves Specifically for Additive Manufacturing

Plain City, OH – AKO is adding to the excitement of additive manufacturing and 3D printing! As the manufacturing of 3D metal parts continues to revolutionize, AKO Pinch Valves is on the forefront of this manufacturing innovation. The careful work of dosing various metal powders is critical in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The process requires sealed chambers, often under vacuum or inert atmosphere. Specialized VMC AKO pinch valves achieve these critical conditions inside the chambers during the dosing processes. The new VMC AKO pinch valves use abrasive resistant sleeves and are extremely resistant to material wear and pressurize to create a perfect air tight seal each time they are actuated. Compact designs, high-cycle time capability and guaranteed full-seal closure are just a few of the characteristics of these specialized AKO pinch valves for additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry.  Basecamp Process Components LLC, located in Ohio, exclusively distributes AKO pinch valves and often customizes the 25mm, 40mm and 80mm custom pinch valves for several major additive manufacturers in the United States and Canada.