Type VZ – Mechanical Pinch Valves – Hand Crank and Electro-mechanical Rotary Actuation

Aluminum Pinch Valve offered in DN80 (80mm) only

VZ Series Pinch Valves are reliable and lightweight Aluminum pinch valves:

    • Manual Handwheel Pinch Valves
      • Type VZ [80mm diameter] – Hand Wheel and Aluminum
    • Electro-mechanical Rotary Actuation
    • Maximum operating pressure of 6 Bar
    • Sleeves offered in three options:
      •  Natural rubber, EPDM and Neoprene
    • Complies with DIN EN 1092 PN10/16 and ANSI B 16.5- 150 lbs as standard..


    1. Guarantee closure with air and power loss using spring return cylinders.
    2. Achieve accurate partial closure using 3 position sensors.
    3. Lightweight aluminum construction.
Valve Sizes
Inch [mm]
Flanged Ends Actuation Type Max Recommended Line Pressure
3” Inch [80 mm] DIN 80 Handwheel or Electro-Mechanical Actuated 87 PSI